At Indigenous Industries, we are passionate about promoting sustainable and ethical production processes. Since 2014, we effect positive change in how fashion is manufactured. We believe production processes in the fashion business are bound to change drastically. We aspire to embody that change and foster conscious garment manufacturing.



Indigenous Industries is an integrated sustainable fashion manufacturer established in Ahmedabad.

We work with weavers from around the country and we dye, (either with natural dyes or low impact reactive GOTS dyeing), we print, we sample and we produce fabrics and garments. We keep most of every process from raw fabrics to finished garments in-house. This allows for optimum time and quality control management.

Our ongoing sourcing efforts allow us to offer brand partners around the world over 400 fabrics to choose from. Part of our core mission is to promote crafts. To do so our team is composed of artisans who expertly realise block, screen and batik printing, shibori, tie and dye and embroidery.

We proud ourselves on strict procedures designed to achieve zero defaults, zero delays and smooth communication with our brand partners.

Our expertise is in providing our brand partners with sustainable and ethical supply chains that maximize value while keeping costs low.


Woven garmenting team, August 2018, Ahmedabad.

Our Values

Fair Trade.

We conform to the FINE definition of Fair Trade. Our responsibility towards every member of our team is to provide the space and freedom for them to express their creativity and realise their potential.

Working conditions.

One of our core goals is to make a positive impact on our team members and their families. Our social policies are inline with the SA8000 standard, ETI base code, ILO conventions and the GOTS 5.0.

Learn more by reading our ethical and fair trade policies.

Organic Materials.

100% of all our autoloom and powerloom cottons are organic. Those fabrics are then processed either without any chemical (100% natural dyeing) or with GOTS approved Dystar low impact fibre reactive dyes.

Sustainable Business Model.

We believe the first step to creating a sustainable product is to make it last through time. As such we believe in creating high quality products. To do so, we use only high quality raw materials, from the fibres to finished goods.

Recycling & Waste

To fight fabric waste, we upcycle small fabric bits into toys or swatches. The smaller bits are used to make handmade paper for our tags and packaging. We further treat and recycle the water we use.

Ethical Sourcing & Supply Chain Management.

All our organic fabrics and dyestuff are sourced from certified sources. For handlooms and khadis, we work only with weaver clusters whom we know and pay regular visits to.

Learn more by reading our environmental policies.